Digital Detox

When was the last time you went without your mobile device in your back pocket? When was the last time you went to dinner without taking a picture of it first? When was the last time you settled an argument without going straight to Google? When was the last time you went on a date where both parties stepped away from the phone?


Or perhaps you think that you can disconnect from all technology without any problem. If that’s actually true, you’re one of the few. However, most of us would probably experience some difficulty with this (shhhh it’s okay… most could benefit too). Partially, one of the reasons why we overuse technology is because it is not common practice for everyone to know and actually understand the serious risks that come along with it. Studies have shown that technology’s addictive nature and overuse can be detrimental to our sleep, relationships, productivity, and overall well-being. 


Because technology is influential and instrumental to our personal and professional lives, it makes it that much harder to take a break. Technology isn’t all bad - believe us. Technology is the reason why we’re able to provide you with this information. We love technology, but we also realize how we could all benefit from a detox every once in a while. It’s a way to give our minds and bodies a chance to restore their natural rhythms.  There’s a difference between controlling technology rather than technology controlling us. 


How to do a digital detox: 

1. Figure out how much time you’re spending on your phone and where you’re spending your time. We’re not saying to go all Henry Thoreau on us and go into the wilderness with nothing for a month. We’re saying to start small.

2. Start small - turn off notifications

3. All (x) time for your most used app.


It’s easy to fall back into bad behaviors if you don’t find positive replacement patterns for them. Make sure to find positive ways to fill your time that you would usually resort to your phone. Get creative and allow new connections to for between neurons. 


1. Work out: 

That 20 minutes you just spent on Twitter could have been used to get your heart rate up and sweat on. Just 20 minutes.


2. Self-care:

If unwinding on your phone is part of your self-care routine, make sure to redefine what self-care means for you and what’s best for your physical and mental health. 


The biggest benefit of a digital detox is it helps you take control of your life and your time so you can focus on bringing more of what works in your life.. All. The. Damn. Time. 

Disconnecting can be scary, so let it be. But be more afraid if you don’t.



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