Phase 2 COVID-19 FAQs

1. Am I getting a refund on my membership because of COVID-19?

The total time of our temporary closure will be credited to your account and will be applied to your first bill date of our reopening (round 2!). 


2. Is my account frozen? Will I be able to extend my freeze until I am comfortable to come back to the club?

All accounts will be unfrozen on the day of our reopening, unless you make prior arrangements for your membership to remain frozen. You are able to keep your account on freeze for an additional cost - please email Otherwise, normal billing will resume once we are officially open and after credits have been applied.


3. How will my account be credited back and what does this mean?

Depending on your bill date, the prorated amount of your July membership dues will be credited back based on the number of days we are temporarily closed (beginning on July 15th, 2020) and applied to your next bill date. If you have a prepaid membership, your expiration date will be extended by the number of days of our temporary closure. 


4. Can I cancel my membership?

We would hate to see you go, but understand and respect your concerns! If you wish to cancel your membership when we re-open, you will need to follow the cancellation procedures per your membership contract. Please contact your location for more information or All membership cancellations must follow regular TBC policy.


5. What happens to my personal training sessions? 

Any personal training sessions that were scheduled during our temporary closure will be credited back to your account to use now that we are open.


6. Will TBC be utilizing available outdoor space at any locations?

TBC is working closely with the local government to navigate restrictions and regulations around using outdoor space, so make sure you stay tuned! 


7. How will we know when the gym will be open again?

We will be updating all members via email and on our social media. If you aren’t sure which email we have on file for you or would like to update your email, please email us at with the email you’d like us to use. We will also be diligently posting updates on our social media so make sure you take a look there, too!


8. What’s the best way to get in contact for questions / concerns at TBC?

We’re here for you! It’s hard for us to be away from our members and want to make sure that you get taken care of. The best way to get in touch with us in regards to specific questions or concerns would be to email us at or our live chat on our website, M-F during regular business hours. Please be patient with us and we will make sure to get you squared away.


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