Connecting the Mind & Body Through Martial Arts

Martial Arts is incredibly well-known for its ability to be well-rounded. This means that martial arts is known for its insane health and fitness benefits along with discipline and the mind. Sometimes, people that do martial arts are consideed “superhuman”. BJJ, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and all other martial arts in between are able to connect the mind and the body through improved mental health, attention, cognitive functioning, emotional management, and memory. 


Being a martial artist is not simply about losing weight, getting stronger, or beating an opponent. Martial arts embodies a system of moral values and techniques that foster brain health that offer a variety of different benefits. The best part about it is that martial arts requires this mind / body connection in order to perform & participate in the sport properly.  So, grasshoppers, when you are ready to train and transform, set yourself up for success with martial arts. 



Martial arts requires an elite version of concentration with necessary attention to the actions of the body and the mind. Martial arts is a means to learning how to control the body and the mind. There is a required coordination of senses, reflexes, and emotions. This can then be used in and out of the ring. 



Discipline is a whole other level of learning and skill to possess in life. It is creating a standard of living and way of acting. There are many valuable lessons learned in discipline as well as confidence / pride that brews. Martial arts also impusle and emotion regulation in combination with discipline that is grounded in the sport, always. 



The type of confidence that builds from martial arts is second to none. There is a sense of autonomy, self-sufficiency and team work at the same time. The confidence stems from improving self defense, focus, and showing up to push the body. 


Stress Relief 

There is no other feeling than punching a bag, right? Martial arts provides a way to punch it out while harnessing that stress into something healthy. Coming in to train gives the opportunity to put self first and let it go - it is time to focus on getting better (mentally and physically). 



While martial arts is usually a one-on-one sport, the amount of teamwork, support and friendship that is built through martial arts is massive. It is a coming together for a common passion and finding ways to make each other better. This could be through teammates, coaches, supporters, etc. Plus, getting involved in martial arts usually sets you apart from other people, so having a crew within that arena is everything. 


Full-Body Treatment

Every limb and every joint is activated when practicing martial arts. There is a combination of cardio and strength in addition to the mind. The body and mind is tested during martial arts because all parts of the brain are always being trained with speed, strength, skill and flexibility. It is no. joke. 



One of the most important and beneficial pieces of martial arts is that you’re using your body as one unit. It teaches the body to work in unison and function coherenelty. Martial arts is a discovery of cohesion and training the mind to be aware of itself. The capacity of our mental and physical limitations expands much farther than ever expected. 



If you talk to a fighter or anyone who knows anything about martial arts, they will tell you that it is the best thing that you can do for your body and your mind. You are approaching your life from a health and fitness standpoint as well as mind and spirit. Everything is interconnected and full potential is only reached when that is together that then transcends into all aspects of life. 


Harness the opportunity to discover a different lifestyle that could positively impact all categories of life. The effectiveness of martial arts for the mind and brain produces cognitive, effective, and behavioral benefits that should have the whole world questioning why it is not more common practice. 


Give Your Mind The Boost It Needs By Taking A Martial Arts Class

The BXNG Club prides itself on providing the best martial arts experience ranging from boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and everything in between. Elite professionals help to take you to where you want to go, both physically and mentally. Stretch the realms of your limits by training with current / former fighters that have found how the mind and body work together. Try a complimentary class here: 



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