The Collagen Conclusion




The consumption of collagen peptides has grown as a major trend in the wellness and health community in the past two years. When we hear the word collagen most of us immediately think of skin treaments and different skin products. Collagen is the major protein found in our skin that keeps our faces glowing, plump, and fine line free. However, it is not only found in the plump cheeks of our youth but also in our bones, ligaments, organs, muscles, hair, and tendons. Along with being present in our bodies, it is also found in foods like marshmellows, bone broth, pudding, and other random foods that can go unnamed.  

Why should we care about collagen? Is it just a fad? 

The main reason people take some sort of collagen supplement is obviously wrinkles. We have an enzyme within our skin called Collagenase, that breaks down the bonds in collagen. Our bodies naturally produce collagen everyday, but after we hit about 25 years-old we lose more than we produce. This is where this current health trend comes into play. The companies creating these collagen-based products claim that taking a collagen supplement daily can help keep the elasticity in your skin, help with nail and hair growth, prevent fine lines, and is also a great source of protein. It is also said that these products can help with bone and joint health. 

Should you try it? 

Now from what we have gathered through many different articles found on our reliable source, Google, the true answer is: yes and no. Yes, studies have shown that taking a collagen peptide daily can help you see some improvements in your skin overtime, but it will probably not be the dramatic results many claim. Also if you are looking at the option from a protein and health standpoint, the body absorbs and digests collagen just like it does any other protein supplement powder. So because it is recognized by the body in the same category as other proteins you can drink a fancy collagen water or a standard protein shake and get similar effects. The only difference between the two is that most of the collagen-based products are dairy and gluten free, which is appealing to some health finatics. Would we try it? Yeah, why not give it a try if some people have seen results in their skin. Everyone reacts differently to certain products so it is always good to keep expectations low when trying any "trendy" health movement. Here are some highest rated collagen products on the market currently. Try them out and let us know how you feel! 

1. Vtial Proteins- Collagen Peptides Powder $25

2. Ancient Nutrition- Multi Collagen Powder $45 

3. Sports Research- Collagen Peptides $43

4. NeoCell- Super Collagen + C $18


Please note: We are not certified nutritionists and make no claims to the contrary. Each individual's dietary needs and restrictions are unique and individual. You are ultimately reponsible for all decisions pertaining to your health. 



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