Coach Highlight: Kerri Kolarik




Meet Kerri Kolarik - Rig instructor, bad-ass, and lover of reality T.V. and chocolate. Kerri is from Kentucky and moved to San Diego from D.C. not too long ago. We recommend that you avoid offering her a banana because she is repulsed by the smell and taste. She is an early bird. Her favorite compliment to receive is that she works hard and her favorite compliment to give is offering her appreciation of someone. She doesn’t have any nicknames yet that are worth noting and her favorite carb is a donut (EASY ANSWER). You will find her picking swedish fish over sour patch any day. 


She names her biggest strength as her determination and biggest weakness is her level of patience. Kerri and weightlifting is a combo that just seems to make sense. She has been a lifelong athlete from gymnastics to field hockey. Lifting weights now has her heart and she asked the question, “why not weights?”. Kerri is a big supporter of weightlifting being a way to improve strength, posture, confidence, and way to build a physique that cardio can’t. Her current focus has been on athletic results rather than physical results, saying that it has been the ultimate game-changer in her overall training and health. In the most genuinely humble and shy way, Kerri exclaimed that she currently is her biggest motivator / motivation and always trying to be better. 


Her advice for people trying to get into lifting is to “just go for it. Everyone starts somewhere and there are always modifications to all exercises. Just show up and you will have beaten 80% of the battle”. Kerri’s journey to TBC started when she was living in D.C. She had a crew of people she boxed with in D.C. that told her to check out TBC. She did, saw the Rig, connected with all the gyms and never looked back. Kerri started off as a member and now is a coach that we deeply respect and love. 


You’ll usually find Kerri out on the Rig and admiring that people come in the gym to WORK hard, rather than simply look good. She is most proud of the growth and sustainability that TBC has combined - calling it a “San Diego staple” (can we put a hand up if we are in our feels right about now?). 


Her favorite mantra is, “live the life you imagined”.



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