Celebrities Who Practice BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more common among celebrities than you may think. It is the perfect mental and physical workout. You may be surprised by just how many celebrities practice BJJ regularly and start in the height of their careers to reap all the benefits. Let us know which ones surprised you. 


1.Joe Rogan

UFC commentator and podcaster extraordinaire, Rogan knows a thing or two about martial arts. Joe Rogan began training BJJ in 1996 and received his black belt from Jean Jacques Machado. 


2. Guy Ritchie 

Ritchie may have been married to Madonna for a little while and known for directing tons of famous movies, but he also received his black belt in 2015. You can tell Ritchie loves BJJ as much as Rogan. 


3. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is newer to BJJ. He started in 2018 and currently has a couple stripes on his white belt. If he keeps this up, he is well on his way to getting a blue belt soon. 


4. Jason Statham

This purple belt has starred in some of your favorite thrillers and he also crosses over into the world of kickboxing. Fun fact: he was also on England’s national diving team. 


5. Vin Diesel

Diesel has been training off and on for several years. He’s definitely known for being Fast AND Furious on the mats. The most updated ranking found on Diesel is that he is a blue belt. 


6. Maynard James Keenan 

The lead singer of Tool started training BJJ in the mid-90s and became a purple belt in 2015. Keenan even took some of his moves to the stage instead of the mats. 


7. Kelly Slater

This World Champion of a surfer is a massive fan of BJJ and preaches that children should begin at a young age. Slater began training BJJ in California and currently holds a 2 stripe blue belt. 


8. Chris Pratt

You know him best from Guardians of the Galaxy, but Pratt is also known to have dabbled in BJJ. He’s been a long-time MMA fan and was a wrestler in high school. Maybe he’ll start training BJJ for one of his upcoming rolls. 


9. Vince Vaughn

BJJ is not quite the same as Dodgeball (where we know him best from), but Vince Vaughn has taken to the mats starting in 2018. 


10. Shaquille O’Neal

This deluxe superstar has honestly done it all & that includes BJJ. This 7’1 basketball star has been practicing BJJ for years and has always been a major advocate for his teammates to give it a shot. Imagine taking BJJ class with Shaq!



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