Best BJJ Christmas Gifts For A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

It’s about that time of year when giving gifts seems to be wildly apparent and sometimes difficult to get away from. Here’s the best part. Gift-giving gets a whole lot easier if it is for someone who is into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you're struggling to pick out an appropriate Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu gift for a loved one, fear not. Just take this list shopping with you and you'll be sure to find a BJJ Christmas gift to put a smile on their face.


1. BJJ Apparel

It may seem a little cheesy, but those who do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training are definitely proud of the fact that they hit the mats. Sometimes, they like to show that they do BJJ and are a part of the BJJ community by wearing anything BJJ on their sleeves… literally. It is to showcase passion on and off the mats.


You can find everything from hoodies, T-shirts, and matching outfits for your loved one’s pet, too. Pricing is usually pretty spot on. These BJJ gifts are meaningful and fun all that the same time. What's more, it's a Christmas gift that is suitable for any experience level, from newbie to BJJ black belt. Snag this BJJ swag for just $16.99.


brazilian jiu jitsu apparel


2. BJJ Mats For Home

Especially with the way that COVID-19 has impacted the world and to be that encouraging person in someone’s life, giving the gift of a BJJ home mat is one of the best BJJ Christmas gifts you can give to someone who practices BJJ. There is a variety to choose from, ranging from puzzle mats to roll-out mats that can be set up pretty much anywhere.
If you have the space, it is recommended to go with a 2m x 2m BJJ mat in order to give your loved one the gift of being able to drill at home. If sparring is on the mat (literally), then try to go with a 3m x 3m BJJ mat, if room allows. A quick Amazon search will prime you to different sizes and formats or, if you’re going all-in, check out our guide to picking out the best BJJ mats for home.

3. Gym / Academy Membership

Access to a gym or an academy is something that is truly valued by a grappler or someone who participates in BJJ regularly. You’re giving the gift of being able to be involved in something your loved one… loves. We know a few good places for BJJ aka. The BXNG Club. Learn more here about our approach to BJJ and if this is the right fit for your loved one. We have BJJ gyms in UTC/La Jolla, East Village and Kearny Mesa in San Diego. And our instructors are some of the best around. Buy a gym membership for any of our gyms here.

Bjj Gym / Academy Membership for Christmas gift

4. BJJ Backpack

While those who practice BJJ mainly rely on themselves on the mats, this sport requires lots of gear - gis, rash guards, shorts, mouthguards, knee braces, athletic tape, food for energy, etc. This can become easily overwhelming and make heading to practice way more difficult than it needs to be.


Usually, a simple gym bag will do, but the best BJJ packpacks are designed specifically for BJJ practitioners. They have different compartments for gis, post-training gear, AND awesome features such as odor-blocking. Do your research on the best BJJ bags for the grappler in your life and you won't go wrong. These lifesaving bags tend to range between $50-$150.  


5. New BJJ Gi or Rashguard 

This one is probably pretty obvious, but a new gi or rashguard to finish off the holiday or New Year season is most likely up on your grappler’s list. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this BJJ Christmas gift, so whether you know anything about BJJ or not, you’re set.


Plus, there are all sorts of options for gis and rash guards so you can have fun picking and choosing the best BJJ gi to suit your loved one. Gis usually run between $70-$180. If you decide to go with a rash guard instead of a gi, that also works because whether the person you’re shopping for prefers gi or no gi, they will need a rash guard.


6. One-On-One BJJ Personal Training 

One of the best BJJ Christmas gifts to get someone is a BJJ personal training session. f you know anyone who does BJJ, you'll know the immense value of being able to train with their professor one-on-one. With the incredible amounts of experience and knowledge that a professor of BJJ holds, BJJ personal training is an incredible BJJ Christmas gift with strong monetary and educational value.


With one-on-one sessions, your grappler gets to choose alongside their professor what to focus on and how to make the most use of their time together. BJJ personal training rates depend and vary by the gym, academy, and professor; however, they usually range from $70-$125 per session**. At The BXNG Club, we bring the best to each personal training session. Contact us for more information on pricing.


7. Foam Roller

As much as we love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the toll that BJJ training takes on anyone’s body is significant. Recovery is just as important as being able to figure out the BJJ puzzle while rolling on the mats. Sometimes, the body feels heavy, achey, and strained. Foam rollers are a popular and effective method of recovery for a reason. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures that allow individuals to find what works best for their aches and pains.


Leveling up on recovery should be just as valued as leveling up during training. It would be beneficial to learn about the type of relief your BJJ star needs before buying any foam roller. You want to buy something that works and will encourage them to use it regularly. A foam roller should never be seen sitting in the corner of someone’s room or backpack day after day without any use. The pricing on these bad boys can really range on what you’re looking for, but expect about $20-$80.


8. Grip Strengthener

Let’s talk about grip strength - a typical conversation in the BJJ world, but is not always given the kind of credit it deserves. A grip trainer is a great way to invest in grip strength and getting that 1% better everyday. Focusing on grip strength is a fantastic way to improve control and the ability to maneuver an opponent.

Everyone who practices BJJ wants to be the one that can use their grip to latch on with no intention of letting their opponent go. Remember, grip strength is slow and progressive. A grip strengthener, also known as a gripper is a small hand-held tool that can be used anywhere. Throw in some finger tape along with it and your BJJ Christmas gift is SET.

Give The Gift Of A The BXNG Club Membership or BJJ Personal Training Session

If you'd like to give your loved one the ultimate gift of one-on-one personal training sessions with a BJJ expert or access to a boxing gym in San Diego, then get in touch. We'd love to help you arrange this.


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