You Know You're Addicted to Muay Thai If...

Have you ever looked around and noticed that your furniture seems to rearrange itself little by little every day? Have you ever looked down only to see bruised shins, or wondered why you constantly think about fighting your shadow? Maybe you have to frequently suppress the urge to throw a knee every time you hug someone? We have great news, you are not going crazy! It turns out that, much like us, you are addicted to Muay Thai! It turns out that “The Art of the 8 Limbs” may actually mean “The art of the only 8 things you think about.” Just how bad is your obsession? Take a look at the following list of telltale signs and see for yourself just how deep it goes.

Addicted to Muay Thai

You Know You're Addicted to Muay Thai If...

  • The once peculiar smell of Thai oil is now comforting and even makes you smile.
  • You find yourself loading the washing machine every week with nothing but Thai shorts, hand wraps, and ankle guards.
  • You look down during dinner at a restaurant and realize you never changed out of your Thai shorts.
  • Your favorite way of greeting training partners is sneaking up on them and kicking them.
  • The furniture in your home is constantly rearranged by a barrage of kicks.
  • You shout “OYE!” at ANY sporting event including little league soccer matches.
  • You shadowbox. Always. And everywhere. No exceptions!
  • You have to force yourself to resist the urge to throw a knee during every clinch . . . we mean hug!
  • You wear your bruised and battered shins as a badge of honor.
  • You know that the license plate “nakmuay” is already taken because you’ve checked!
  • You go home after practice and watch Kevin Ross highlights for the 30th time.
  • You can’t help but wai to everyone at Muay Thai events.
  • “Same Same” is a part of your daily vocabulary.
  • You walk around and day dream about leg kicking strangers in public.

Any of these sound familiar, or perhaps maybe all of them? Don’t worry we won’t fit you for a straight jacket. In fact, welcome to the club, we know how you feel! Maybe you have some other signs we missed out on, please let us know in the comments below or on social media - maybe you are “worse off" than we are!

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