Spring Activewear Trends


While it may be easy and perhaps seem even logical to pick out an old t-shirt and overworn pair of leggings before heading out for a workout, it is even more logical to wear an activewear outfit that helps you harness your motivation and inner bad-ass. Right? Look good, feel better is totally a thing. Athlesiure blew up in 2020 and became even more accessible. Maybe you have never thought of activewear trends that are upcoming, but with the shift in WFH and changes in our lifestyle, now is a good time to start. 


Fresh activewear styles are still coming in hot for 2021, so here’s the low down that you’ll want to keep in mind for when you’re working on your fitness or just working from wherever you are. 

Bandier’s SVP of design, says that the pandemic has placed an ultra emphasis on health and that there is a trend of “embracing the individual wellness journey, meeting the athlete where they are today”. Think about activewear being for the gym and beyond. 



Asymmetry, multi-strapping, and cut-out details are all the rage for this spring. It is a way to focus on knowing how to dress your body and feel that confidence simmer through. It adds a little bit of pizzaz for your virtual - anythings!


Love or hate ‘em - they’re a thing and seem to be like they will continue to be a thing as we enter spring. We recommend starting out with a solid black pair and see how they fit into your wardrobe. Once you fall in love, start adding to the collection. 



Even if you’re not in a ballet studio, jumpsuits have become insanely popular for workouts for their ease and comfort. If they’re not your thing, that’s okay. Look at the next trend.



You’ve probably seen a matching set pop up on your IG Explore feed more than once a week. From workouts to errands to solid colors to prints, matching sets have all sorts of funs ways of keeping things new and freshen up your wardrobe. 



Firstly, let’s just say that we are seriously here for this. Sustainability on all fronts has become a major trend for activewear in 2021. The sustainble shift finds a way to bring together fashion with care - care for the planet, the people who make the clothes we adore, and the styles that make us feel good. 



Athlesiure meets outerwear? 2021 is still about prioritizing comfort and health but also mixing in ready-to-wear pieces. Think of athleisure elite or athlesiure +. Think joggers with nice outerwear coats and biker shorts with relaxed tee’s and moto jacket.


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