TBC Takes It Outside FAQ's

Get ready… we’re expanding outside.

Please keep in mind that policies, procedures, classes and hours of operations are subject to change. As we continue to perfect our outdoor operations to provide the best, safest experience possible this page will be updated to reflect our most up to date changes.


1. What should I expect classes to be like?

You should expect the same TBC energy you’ve come to know and love! Classes will be held outdoors with proper social distancing, sanitization, and mask protocols. Masks are not required during classes and personal training. 

2. What is the check-in process like?

Thanks for asking! You will line up on the socially distanced marker, step in the front of the front desk to scan in and get your temperature checked. You will be assigned a bag for class, check in for PT, or begin your 90 minute time to work out solo. Please wear your mask until you begin your class or personal training session and be aware of social distancing. 

For East Village members the process is slightly different in that you’ll check in at the East Village location, allowing you to put your personal belongings away in the locker room, before being escorted to the satellite, outdoor training facility. 

3. Any regulations I should know about? 

We have regulations and policies in place to help keep you safe - so please, be mindful & respectful of these. The main ones to note are: 

-Masks are required at all times (restrooms, weight room, cardio, etc.) except during classes or personal training sessions, so please keep your masks nearby for easy access

-Members will be limited to a one daily, consecutive 90-minute workout period that starts upon entry into the facility (ex. 30 minutes of cardio + 1 class).

-Temperature checks

-Please practice social responsibility and stay home if you’re feeling flu-like symptoms

-Bring your own towel (shower access is available) 

-Sauna and towel service are currently unavailable

-Sanitize equipment before and after use


4. What is your mask policy?

This is where we need your support! Masks must be worn at all times (restrooms, weight room, cardio, etc.) except during classes or personal training sessions, so please keep your masks nearby for easy access.

This means when entering or exiting the club, using locker rooms, filling up your water bottle, etc. Please help us help you by following these guidelines.


5. Can I come work out on my own and not take a class? 

Yes! We will have certain open gym hours for you to get your sweat on and tune everything else out. 

All open gym workouts will be limited to one daily, consecutive 90-minute workout period that starts upon entry into the facility. 


6. Do I need to reserve my spot in class online?

No, all classes are first come first serve. No need to worry about signing up online prior. We recommend coming 15 minutes early to get your spot and ready for class in a timely manner. 


7. Can I reserve a specific bag number? 

Unfortunately, bag numbers will be assigned according to the order that members are checking into the gym.


8. Are you going to add more classes?

Yes! We will be adding more classes to ensure that members have an opportunity to get their workout in. 


9. Where do I find out information and updates?

We will always make sure to update you on social media and via email! If you for some reason missed an update, please contact your location and they will fill you in. If you would like, please give us a call to make sure we have your correct email on file. 


10. Will we be able to use locker rooms? 

Yes, you will be able to use locker rooms. Please wear your mask! 


11. Which classes are currently available? 

Power Boxing, Power Kickboxing, Burn, Grit, Spin, Pilates, Torq, & Yoga will be available. 


For more information about instructional classes (Muay Thai, Boxing, and Jiu Jitsu) please contact your primary location for details. 


12.What if I want to freeze my membership?

Please contact your primary location regarding freezing your membership. Freezes take a minimum of 5 business days to process. Freezes not received within 5 business days may not be successfully processed.


13. What if I don’t feel comfortable taking classes but would like to continue with  personal or semi-private training? 

Please contact your primary location about options for this.  


14. What if I need to cancel my membership? 

Please contact your primary location regarding cancelling your membership. The team will help you through the cancellation process. 

Cancellation inquiries/requests received via text, email, or phone does not take the place of a signed cancellation form. A signed cancellation form must be received in order to process a membership cancellation.

Class schedules will be available online soon!


If you have any questions, please contact your location. 

UTC: (858)-622-1903 | utc@theboxingclub.net

EV: (858)-366-7885 | eastvillage@theboxingclub.net

KM: (858)-277-7029 | kearnymesa@theboxingclub.net

Messages sent to info@theboxingclub.net in reply to this email may take longer to receive a response. For more a timely response, please contact your primary gym location! 



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