8 Tips for Upper Body Workouts

Tips For Upper Body Workouts You Won't Want To Miss


Oh, how fun or for some, daunting, upper body workouts can be. 



It can be easy to get into a routine and do the same type of exercises, especially if the upper body is something that is more foreign, then sticking to the same exercises may actually seem like a smart idea. We are all for finding top staples and incorporating those in each session or using them as markers for going up, but the most important piece is to continuously challenge the muscles. Change up the reps, weight, types of exercises, etc. Think about the types of movements that are happening and making sure to plan something that is well-rounded. 



Especially when trying to make incremental progress where each session shows a little more strength than the last, it’s all about consistency. May not be a favorite, but just like anything else in this world, consistency is *insert key emoji here*. Go for the gains by finding the set range that works for your goals and making sure to keep it consistent throughout the workout rather than gassing out after the first 15 minutes. 



There’s a reason why the warm up is always brought up for proper training. It. Is. Important. Proper prep will allow the maximum amount of results and benefits from your hard work. It is always a good idea to evaluate the muscles that you will be working and match warm up exercises with those alongside those in addition to starting exercises as a lower weight. It helps get the form down and prepare for what’s to come. 



The option is yours about switching it up between barbell, dumbbells, overhand / underhand grip, or throwing in the smith machine. Bent over rows are a fantastic way of strengthening the posterior chain muscles while supporting posture and core stability. It is also a great way to help support building strength in lats and traps to help improve posture / reduce back pain. Learn something new everyday, don’t we? 




Unilateral exercises is a more legit term for one-sided exercises. A lot of movements are typically incorporating both sides of the body - great, working on getting the gains all the way around. This is good, however, we all naturally have a stronger side (right or left) and can sometimes off-balance ourselves. With unilateral exercises, you can add in an extra couple reps to help evenly distribute strength on both sides of the body. You get to help out the weaker side while keeping the other side strong. 




Your upper body begins at your waistline (remember this). Developing abs and a strong core is essential to all strength and will prevent injury. Abs are definitely made in the kitchen, but core strength needs to be a priority during workouts. The key is finding ab workouts that can be incorporated alongside say, a leg day or back day. Try out a hanging leg raise because it will allow for you to work all of your ab muscles while improving grip / lat strength. It is a win-win. 




This is a favorite question because there is no clear-cut answer - a case can be made that they should be trained separately OR together. It is best to be extremely mindful of the types of exercises being performed for both bicep and tricep. Should they be together or separate can really depend on the individual exercises because it is crucial to prevent muscle / mental fatigue. Make sure to mix the exercises / range up if performing both bicep and tricep on the same day. 



Similar to bicep and tricep, volume is dependent upon goals and what works best for the body. It is recommended in order to shock the muscles, it is good to add an extra 4 reps to your volume. It is also good to switch between machines and free weight to give the muscles different angles / experiences. Focus on settling for more than you think you can do - when it starts to hurt is when you should try to get 2 more reps. Let the pain inspire the gain (within reason, obviously). 



Upper body days are legit. They can be challenging, both mentally and physically. Sometimes we have a preference on upper body vs. lower body - but it is always important to note how to crush both. 


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