7 Signs You're A Gymaholic

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about what you want to do when you get to the gym? Do you find yourself practicing your footwork while you are waiting to cross the street or when you're in line at the coffee shop? Do you spend all of your extra money on supplements and find yourself wearing workout gear even when you're not at the gym? Well, you might just be a gymaholic (and we're totally okay with that)! 

Are you a gym addict?


#1 You wear gym clothes as normal clothes: Although activewear is a very popular trend at the moment, you don’t wear them to be in fashion, you wear them because that is the only thing you have in your closet. Your laundry basically consists of your nice workout gear and the gym clothes you actually workout in (because who really ever needs to wear real pants anyway?).
#2 Any extra money you have is spent on new supplements: Protein, protein, protein, who could ever have enough? With all the different flavors, brands, and benefits, of course you have to try them all! Let’s not even get started on all of the new superfoods that are becoming more and more popular with their major health benefits. Lets just say, we know exactly where your tax return is going. 
#3 You skip nights out with friends without batting an eye: Sure, everyone enjoys the occasional night out, but you don’t let them get in the way of a solid workout. Your workout comes first, so if it is a Friday night and you haven’t gotten to the gym yet you will gladly skip dinner and drinks with friends. Making gains over everything.
#4 The majority of accounts you follow on social media are fitness related: The workout envy is real. There is nothing better than loading your newsfeed and seeing a new exercise to try out. Not only are you constantly on a mission to keep your workouts exciting, but motivational quotes are everything! Yes the gym is life, but who doesn’t love a little extra motivation from other gymaholics that inspire you. 
#5 You have a group chat going with all of your gym buddies: There are friends and then there are gym friends. These are the people that have seen you at your worst! Red face, sweat dripping, crazy hair, and smelly but these people love you anyway. They drive you to push your limits and are there for you when you fail. Gym friends keep you accountable, they don’t care if you had a bad day at work or if you are fighting with your significant other, they will send you a threatening text of what will happen if you skip the gym. That's true friendship. 
#6 Planning a vacation means picking a hotel with a gym on-site: There are no days off when it comes to being a true gymaholic. Relaxation is important but not losing your hard earned body is crucial. So when booking your hotel having a gym facility on-site is a requirement, if they have trainers, even better! There is nothing worse than going on vacation and having that ground zero feeling when you get back in the gym a week later. 
#7 You wonder what it’s like to not feel sore: Being a gymaholic means tough workouts are a daily experience that often result in the worst muscle soreness you have ever felt. You have learned effective coping mechanisms for the array of muscle pain you receive. Your foam roller is never far and you have acquired the mindset that sometimes slow and steady actually does win the race.
Signs of A Gymaholic


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