7 Performance-Boosting Foods You Should Eat Pre-Workout


There’s so much information out there about what you should and shouldn’t eat. It can be hard to figure out who is actually telling you the truth. We all know the truth about TBC’s Power-anything class – you’re going to WORK and here’s the low down about some of the best foods to eat before class. Remember, a car that needs premium gas can still function on regular gas but it won’t run optimally or for as long. Similarly, Jordan Mazur, R.D., coordinator of nutrition for the San Francisco 49ers said, “would you expect to get to your destination if the tank was on empty?” Same goes for your body. Getting in a good workout starts with what you do beforehand. Mazur says you want to focus on foods that are high in carbs, moderate for protein, and very low in fat and fiber to avoid digestion issues mid-workout.


SIDE NOTE HERE: Be careful for things like protein or granola bars. While they may seem like they could be a good preworkout snack, they are deceiving. Make sure to check out what’s in yours before eating it! Avoid high fiber foods - we need them but they are tricky to digest before a workout. Get your broccoli in later, sis. We are focusing on food here, but also make sure that you prioritize your water intake as well! It’s best to get your body hydrated before the gym and while you’re there. 


Why is it beneficial to eat certain foods before working out?

Let’s be honest - life is busy. Prioritizing yourself by working out is so important and you can jeopardize putting yourself first if you are not properly nourished for your workout. There are certain foods that help maximize your efforts and prep your body for the intense work you are about to put it through. These foods make stamina, energy, muscle building a priority.



It is best to eat these foods 30-90 minutes before your workout, depending on the portion size. To maximize your results, eat a complete meal with carbs, protein & fat 2-3 hours before exercise. If you are closer to a 45 minute window to pre-workout, make sure to choose simple foods to digest / prioritize carbs mainly and then some protein.



Your muscles use glucose from carbs for fuel. Glycogen is the way your body processes and stores glucose. For short and high-intensity exercise, your glycogen storage is your muscles’ main source of energy. As this source becomes depleted, your output and intensity diminish. Carbs do not have to be the enemy



Many studies have shown that pre-workout protein consumption is beneficial for athletic performance. Eating protein with or without carbs (still not the enemy). The amount of protein depends on goals / weight / height / etc. 


Other benefits of eating protein before exercise include: 


While glycogen is a source of energy for short / high intensity bouts of exercise, fat is a source for longer low / moderate intensity exercise. Fat also does not have to be the enemy! Do you see a trend here? 


What to eat before a workout

Before deciding what to eat before a workout, it is also important to outline your goals. You’ll eat differently based on those goals. For example, a bodybuilder’s diet will be different from a fighter. You can also prioritize weight loss, energy, or varying health issues. Just remember, getting a good workout in begins with what you do beforehand. 


Plain Greek Yogurt with Berries and Granola

Protein and carbs all in one without feeling too heavy before a workout. The berries and granola are good digesting-carbs while the protein provides some protein to help with recovery and muscle building. 


Oatmeal with Berries

It’s a morning staple, but can be eaten before an afternoon or evening workout too! Don’t knock it till ya try it. Oatmeal is great to help you feel satiated and give your body the fuel it needs. 


Banana with Peanut Butter & Honey

Bananas are a simple carb ready to fuel the body and potassium levels. Add some honey for a little sweetness. 


Fruit – An apple a day as they say

Fruit is fruit. A quick and easy way to carb up. 


Whole-wheat toast + nut butter + chia seeds

Toast for the carbs, nut butter for some healthy fats, and chia seeds for some protein. The perfect mix. 


Rice cake + almond butter

Get your nut butter fix with a healthy carb that doesn’t go stale as quickly as bread. This is a great option if you’re gluten-free or just not big on toast.


Hummus, veggies + a little pita

A good option for our vegans and anyone else looking to get in some protein and filling pre-workout snack!


Different pre-workout snacks/meals do its magic more for some than for others. It’s all about finding what works best for you. 


Ready to fuel up and take class with us?

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