6 Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus


 In today’s world filled with distractions, it can be exceptionally challenging to stay mentally focused. We are a pop-up notification obsessed world with a struggle to find boundaries. It is crucial to learn and build mental focus to allow room for achieving accomplishments that bring success, joy, and fulfillment. 


Here are six practical tips for improving mental focus. These are effective yet simple to help develop concentration and improve cognitive skills. Get ready to change your daily habits and your life in general. 


Assess Your Mental Focus

Begin with assesing your mental focus. There are various approaches to evaluate the level of concentration. Here are three important questions: 


  1. How do you listen?
  2. How is your train of thought or thought process?
  3. When do you concentrate the best? When do you concentrate the least?


Assess Mind and Body

Life can be a lot - work, social life, personal development, family, etc. Daily duties can become so routine and finite feeling that temporarily pausing may seem out of the question. Mental focus is difficult to develop when our attention is placed in so many places consistently. 


We’re human and the concept of taking the time to assess the mind / body isn’t one that is necessarily given a lot of thought. Take the time to assess where you are mentally and physically once a week. This will help to connect the dots of where you need to expend your energy and devise a plan with smaller goals that are more feasible to accomplish. 


Plan Daily Tasks

How many tasks do you undertake a day, a week, or a month? And how many of them do you actually complete? Should we take a look at your to-do list? Design your day in a way that makes sense for you. Find ways that work for your lifestyle and goals. Your to-do list does not need to be from the top to the bottom of the page. 



This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes, when one of the first things we sacrifice is sleep. Right? When you don’t get enough sleep and much needed rest, your brain is unable to function at full capacity. You are literally jeopardizing your mental focus before you even have the chance to work on it. 



Some professions and jobs  do not require much physical activity - we sit too much and paralyze our spirit. The body begins to slow down the flow of energy to itself and the brain, making concentration limited. When we give our bodies the gift of movement, our brain receives training, the release of endorphins and blood circulation. 


Drink water   

Drinking water helps your brain to work. There is a reason why some people carry massive water bottles that make you go, “WHAT?”. Water participates in the transformation of food into energy, in metabolism, protects vital organs, and helps us absorb nutrients. Even slight dehydration leads to various decays in the ability to think. GET YOUR DRINK ON!



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