6 Bathroom Organization Tips for During Quarantine

Alright, fam. Quarantine has taught us a lot and has allowed for many of us to get started on that to-do list that never got any shorter, just longer. Since we’re all in semi-isolation, let's use this time to work on some of the things that we wouldn’t usually prioritize. Something we can always prioritize is our skin, hygiene, and mental health. Combine this trifecta by organizing your bathroom - it’s the real deal (just like you).  Organizing your bathroom can help make your routine more seamless, create more positive structure in your life, and help you keep up with all your skin goals so your skin CAN reach GOALS status (because who wouldn’t want that?). 


First things first… 



This is the perfect time to assess the collection you’ve accumulated in your bathroom. Time to toss out the expired sunscreen (yes, yes it does actually expire) and take a look at what you want / need to keep. You may find that all the things you actually need, you don’t have. We’ve all been there when our bathroom feels like our own personal Target. Move along into the making sense of the inventory phase to figure out how all of these products will fit and enhance your routine. This is also the time to think of the physical space that’s available to you - let’s keep the overwhelming vibes to a minimum. 



Once you have sorted through your collection and bathroom routine, it is time to get creative with how to physically store all of your essentials. Shelves on the wall are a great way of creating space when there isn’t any (click here for some). Do you want to color code? Do you want to organize based on your AM/PM routine? It also could be a good idea to organize based off of what you use everyday, your favorite items, and the ones that you want easy access to (even if you don’t use them everyday). 



Whether you have shelves, cabinets, or trays, let the label making begin and keep it fun! Add a Good Morning Sunshine or Morning Glow  label for your AM routine. Maybe add a “Acne Sh*t” for your more intense skincare products when needed. 



It is very common for hairbrushes to be stored within an everyday category and hair tools such as flat irons and hair dryers underneath the sink. We recommend getting an organizer for your hot tools (you’ll never be able to go back after). 



It sounds silly, but be intentional with what goes in your drawers. You’re the one who has to look and use them day in and day out, so keep the labels fun and use a form of organization that makes sense for you. 


6. AVOID...

Cleaning out space can be tricky and emotionally taxing. Let’s just get that out in the open. Avoid the avoidance. Try to have a different mindset towards organizing. It’s here to make your life easier and better. You’ll get to see the things that you love! It’s also a money saver because you will evaluate what it is that you really need and use. We also sometimes forget that some of the things we have in our bathrooms, we also have as duplicates around the house. 


Lastly, here are some great organizers for you!



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