5 Tips for WFH Life

For many of us, being able to work from home has been an incredible blessing - 1) still employed 2) no dress code 3) no commute 4) flexibility for personal matters. Some of us may have worked from home before COVID-19; however, this large influx of people working from home calls for some tips and tricks on how to make the most from working at home for everyone involved. 


*Also, we would like to note that we understand that this is a trying and difficult time to navigate for all of us. We don’t expect each day to be more productive than the next. These tips may help to relieve some anxiety that is rooted in this new age of quarantine and COVID-19.


1. Have a designated work space:

Making your work commute even shorter by staying in bed or on the couch may jeopardize your efficiency and ability to disconnect work from home life. Whether it’s your coffee table or an actual home-office, we recommend that you find a place that makes sense to work from to help improve productivity and allows you to turn work off (literally). If you’d like, decorate your at home office space as a way to keep yourself occupied and create a sense of normalcy. 


2. Create a schedule: 

Being home could make things seem like your schedule can more easily change minute-by-minute. Attempt to create a schedule that would be similar to that of in the office. It will help keep you on track, focused on important dates, and separate home from work life. This may be more difficult with other factors such as children or multiple family members in the household, but try to adhere to as much of a schedule as possible - it may be beneficial for them too!


3. Take a lunch (and a walk!) 

Heat up some leftovers, order something new, or better yet, cook something up for yourself (maybe that you wouldn’t normally make if you were in the office). Get your steps in, clear your head a little bit, and feed your body what it needs. You don’t get more brownie points for sitting at your computer ALL day in quarantine and letting your iWatch yell at you for not getting enough physical activity in. 


4. Keep a routine:

It may be tempting to start that massive cleaning project while you’re in the middle of a big presentation that needs to be turned into your boss soon. After all, you see everyone else organizing and cleaning their homes on Instagram and becoming Marie Kondo, so why can’t you? Well, YOU CAN but find time into your routine when that makes sense. 


5. Create boundaries:

Try early on to learn what is expected of you while working at home and what you can do to make the transition easiest on yourself and the other members in your organization. This means staying professional, taking advantage of technology in a positive way, and giving you the opportunity to close “your office door” at the end of the day. 



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