3 Major Ways to Update Living Space

Amidst 2020 vibes and lifestyle running its course in 2021, we have learned the importance of our living space - whether that means working from home, having a more long-term guest, or simply utilizing the space we call home much more. In the thick of a pandemic or not, your home space may need an upgrade. We never thought something like this was possible before COVID-19 and now that we know it is, it is so important that we treat our living spaces with some intention and love. 


Side note: these changes don’t have to be anything major or super expensive. C’monnnnn, you know we’ve got you. 

De-Clutter Your Cabinets 

You don’t need to go full Marie Kondo mode, but hey, go big or go home - right? Especially if you’re still spending lots of time at home, it would be good to de-clutter any and all cabinets. We recommend starting off with one room, completing the task and then moving on to the second. Throw away that old Tupperware that you never use, pots that should have been thrown away about two years ago, and anything else that is just adding to the clutter. Find yourself some fun shelving paper, toss the miscellaneous drawer, and maybe even throw some analyzing in there of how your cabinets got to be this way in the first place. 


Create Intentional Sections for Living

During COVID and quarantine, you may have added more office-like furniture or ordered too much from Amazon. Now is the time where you get to play with the layout that makes the most sense for you. Whether you want to be more old school and draw it out or simply visualize or enlist the help of an app that can help you pre-plan it all is up to you. If you are looking for layout apps, check this article out. 


This is especially important because your home used to be for some pieces of your life and now, there is a very good chance that it is your everything. The way you have your ‘you space’ layed out isn’t going away. Maybe morning coffee on your balcony, roll out yoga mat by the window for the start of the day or when things get stressful, and try to find a way to make sure you separate from work. This could be extra tricky in a studio or smaller space, but think of ways that you can make work from home just one title. Work zone vs. live zone, ya feel? 

Maximize Light

Lighting can be something that gets left in the dark (pun intended). When you’re home and for extended periods / seasons, lighting is extra important for keeping your home space home-y and efficient. Some suggest putting a mirror opposite from a window or glass door to help ensure natural light. Creating some pops of bright color if you have lots of neutral colors will help the eye to freshen up a space along with some paint to make things lighter. Be intentional with where you have light fixtures - trial and error is your friend. 

We want you to love your space as much as you do! Remember - it’s YOUR space. In these times, it can all be an overwhelming and hopeless feeling. While that may be true, creating your space to be functional and fun is something you can control!



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