2020 Rewind

BYE 2020!


Okay - it’s here. It’s finally here. It’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. It’s fair to say that 2020 is probably the year that none of us we’re expecting and drafts of our current reality are being written for history books already. Some feel like 2020 has been the longest year while others question where the year went. Maybe the reality is somewhere in between the two. At TBC, we’ve always taken learning and consistently innovating as the norm. But hey, nothing like a pandemic to teach you a thing or two, right? The notion of living through a global pandemic as the year comes to a close with unanswered questions poses how we enter 2021. For now - here are some things we have learned and experienced this year. We learned that TBC and its family are the best. Well, we already knew that TBC fam is the best that it can get, but this year provided enough reassurance for a lifetime. From closures to openings to closures back to opening and to outdoor operations, we’ve seen it all this year. 

We’ve been building the TBC fam since 1999. We have always been extremely grateful for the support and love that has only grown over the last couple of decades (yes - we did just say decades). We will stop by saying the following sentence won’t say “thank you for sticking with us through these unprecedented times”. While that is true, we want to be incredibly authentic in relaying about our community. 2020 reaffirmed that our community is always involving in being more dynamic, dedicated, and varied. With the many different realities of the pandemic emerged, we are so thankful to have been able to always find a way of being there (even when our doors were closed). TBC is thankful for being able to tap into our people-first community that helped encourage creativity, innovation and clarity. We have been able to pivot through the resilience of our community and the power of authenticity. 


Our doors may have been closed, but we never stopped. Planning and creating in the current climate is a practice that requires consistency, attention and consideration. We valued the time to re-assess how we can level up while keeping pre-planned projects intact. We developed a deeper awareness of the TBC magic. We pivoted to find different ways to bring the TBC experience in not-so-ideal circumstances and how much our members rely on TBC being a part of their daily lives. 

2020, we can’t say that we will miss ya. 2021, we can’t wait for what is in store. 

It’s worth fighting for.



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