2019 Summer Beach Reads


Whether you’re lounging poolside, tanning on the sand, or relaxing indoors, you’ll need a good book to keep you company during any summer day or night. 


1. Orange World and Other Stories by Karen Russel: 

This collection has 8 short stories that are perfect for being able to read and then take a dip into the pool. Although, with Karen Russel, it may be hard to just read one story at a time. Russel is known for being the master of “weird” and making it seem normal. 


Orange World and Other Stories


2. City of Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: 

Gilbert did it with Eat, Pray, Love and she’s done it again. This novel takes place in the 1940s about a showgirl and how a professional scandal shaped the course of her career/life. City of Love is packed with hard truths about love, life, and freedom. 


City of Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


3. Naturally Tan by Tan France: 

He’s known for dishing out his fashion advice on Netflix’s Queer Eye, but for summer 2019, Tan France’s memoir focuses on his experiences with racism and homophobia as well everything he has learned about being a spouse, TV personality, fashion icon, and role model. 


Naturally Tan by Tan France


4. Talking to Robots: Tales from Our Human-Robot Futures by David Edwin Duncan:

Award-winning journalist David Edwin Duncan taps into the life of artificial intelligence as it is not far off from our present. This riveting read consists of 24 visions of possible human-robot futures, including politicians and military personnel. He brings in all sorts of professionals to help tackle what this could potentially mean for technology and the future of the world as we know it. 


Talking to Robots


5. Presidents of War by Michael Beschloss: 

From 1807 to now, this New York Times Bestseller is about power, leadership, and mankind. Presidents of War hones in on how presidents deal with war and is a sweeping overview of conflict in the US over the last two hundred years. There are pieces of maneuvering with Congress, strategy, public debates, and emotions that will make it difficult to leave your bookmark in any of the pages. 


Presidents of War by Michael Beschloss

Happy reading!


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