10 Must Have Gym Bag Essentials

You’ve stepped up your workout routine, now let’s kick your gym experience up another notch. Here is a list of gym bag essentials to make you look forward to your workouts even more!

1. Drop Bag: Whether you prefer leather, cotton, or nylon, anything beats a plastic bag or loose shampoo bottles rattling around in your gym bag. 

Drop Bag

2. Headphones: Sometimes you need to block out the world and focus on yourself. When the introvert in you suddenly appears have headphones ready and get to work!


3. Dryer Sheets: Ever smelt someones gloves from across the room…yeah, don’t let that be you. Use scented dryer sheets to put in your gloves after class to help dry them out and reduce odor.

Dryer Sheets

4. Extra Socks: Because no one likes sweaty feet in their brand new kicks.

Extra Socks

5. Hair Ties: This one is mostly for girls, but there is also nothing worse than a man-bun in your face.

Hair Ties

6. Travel Size Cologne or Perfume: Smelling good is always on trend.

7. Face Cleansing Wipes: After an intense class the best feeling in the world is a shower and washing your face of all the dirt and sweat.

Face Cleansing Wipes

8. Protein or Energy Bar: Good to have just in case you feel low in energy on your way to the club.

9. Phone Charger: A dead phone means no gym selfies, music, or location check-ins. We all no a workout isn't real unless you post it on social media.

Phone Charger

10. Slides: The perfect shoe for the locker room and when your’e heading out the door.




What's one thing you always keep in your gym bag?



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